The website "Learning from History" is a publication platform
for educational projects (realized in schools
and in out-of-school, youth education)
dedicated to the history of Poland and its neighbors in the 20th century and human rights

Useful links

We recommend some useful links in the field of historical education. New links are regularly added to the list.

Archives and research institutes

Archives of New Records (Warsaw, Poland)

State Archives (Poland)

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies University of Minnesota

Institute of National Remembrance (Warsaw, Poland)

National Digital Archives (Poland)
National Digital Archive is the central Polish state archive. It was created in a response to the development in technologies of recording, storing and making accessible he archive material. The mission of NDA is to:
• archive digital materials, including digital documents
• archive photographs, films and sound recordings
• create digital files of hard copy materials
• share information about archives and make the collection accessible online

Simon Wiesenthal Center

"Memorial" Association, Krasnoyarsk

Nation's Memory Institute - Ústav pamäti národa (The Slovak Republic)

Jewish Historical Institute (Warsaw, Poland)

History Meeting House (Warsaw, Poland)
Based in Warsaw it promotes memory on the 20th century

Fritz Bauer Institute (Germany)

European Solidarity Centre (Gdansk, Poland)


Museums and memory places

Cassino War Memorial

Galicja Jewish Muzeum

Hadamar Memorial (Gedenkstätte Hadamar)

KL Stutthof Museum

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

Treblinka Museum

Belzec Memorial and Museum

Mémorial de la SHOAH

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Warsaw Rising Museum

Polish History Museum

Warsaw Historical Museum

Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

Martyr's Museum in Zabikowo

Museum of Allied Prisoners of War Martyrdom

Independence Museum (Warsaw, Poland)

House of Terror Museum (Terror Háza) (Budapeszt, Hungary)

Gross-Rosen Museum

State Museum at Majdanek

The Ghetto Fighters' House

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yad Vashem


Organisations and initiatives


Facing History and Ourselves (Boston, US)

Aktion West-Ost
Working group for European peace issues

Mordechai Anielewicz Center for Research and Teaching of History and Culture of Jews in Poland (Institute of History, Warsaw University)

Polish Centre for Holocaust Reasearch

Center for Dialogue and Prayer in Oswiecim (Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Mojzesz Schorr Centre (Warsaw, Poland)
Educational Institution founded by Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

EUSTORY — History network for young Europeans

Forum for Dialogue Among Nations

House of Peace Foundation (Wroclaw, Poland)

Judaica Foundation - Centre for Jewish Culture (Cracow, Poland)

Krzyzowa Foundation

Foundation Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense – Lodz Jews Heritage Foundation

Foundation of the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland

Lauder Foundation (Lodz, Poland)

Semper Polonia Foundation

Universitas Bialostocensis - Bialystok University Foundation

Goethe Institut

Eremis Youth Group

Forum Jews - Christians - Muslims

Internationl Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz

„Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN" Centre (Lublin, PL)

Centre for Political Though (Ośrodek Myśli Politycznej)

Open Republic - Association against Anti-semitism and xenophobia

German-Polish Youth Office

STEP 21 — Jugendinitiative für Toleranz und Verantwortung

Association for the International and Intercultural Exchange

COMPERIO Association : Cooperation of cultures

Association of Children of the Holocaust in Poland

”Never Again” Association

The 1944 Warsaw Rising Remembrance Association

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation

Edith Stein House (PL)

Borussia Association (Olsztyn, PL)

European Youth Foundation - Council of Europe

Educational resources, additional training for teachers



A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Centre for Citizenship Education (PL)

Auschwitz Jewish Centre

Professional Educator (PL)

Internationl Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz - Polish educational portal

Web Guide to Tolerance Education

Jewish Life in Europe

Cold War Sites (Initiative of the Baltic Initiative and Networks)